Fee Structure

Himalayan College of Management (HCM)


(In Academic Partnership with Infrastructure University Kuala Lampur, Malaysia)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Fee Plan

Two Year (4 Semesters) Program

First Year

Particular First Semester Second Semester Total (NRS)
Admission Fee 85000 85000
Security Deposit 25000 25000
Tuition Fee 60000 60000 120000
Internal Exam/Other Activities Fee 25000 25000 50000
First Year Total 1,95,000 85,0000 2,80,000

Second Year

Particular Third Semester Fourth Semester Total (NRS)
Admission Fee
Security Deposit
Tuition Fee 60000 60000 120000
Internal Exam/Other Activities Fee 25000 25000 50000
Second Year Total 85000 85000 170000
GRAND TOTAL 4,50,000

University (IUKL) has  two option for payment mode of University fee, which has to be sent by student themselves. University fee are already included in above fee structure.

  •       Onetime Full payment will cost 875 US$
  •       Payment on Installment basis (semester) will cost 220 US$

Following are the list of other fees that will be incurred along with the above fees

  1. Ministry of Education, Nepal Charges NRS 1500 / year and 1% as an Educational Service Tax of total cost including university fee. These charges/taxes can be subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Himalayan College of Management organizes various activities such as special class (Non credit program)/ National and International Education Tour/ Seminar outside college/ Convocation Programs & Induction Classes etc. Charges will be taken for students for organizing these types of programs.

Note:  Before enrolling program, Guardians and Students are requested to read our brochure, documents and other materials  in order to know all the terms and conditions. No refunding is done after enrollment.