Curricular Structure for 4 Years BBA

Himalayan College of Management (HCM)


(In Academic Partnership with Infrastructure University Kuala Lampur, Malaysia)

Master of Business Administration (BBA) – Syllabus

Three Year (6 Semesters) & 4 Year (8 Semesters) Program


Course structure for BBA 4 years (8 Semester) BBA Plan

First Year
BBA First Semester
Code Subject Credit
BLE 103 Interactive Skills 3
BBM101 Organization Management 3
BBF106 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
BMM101 Business Mathematics 3
BBM209 Marketing Management 3
BBF355 Personal Financial planning 3
MPU3112 Futsal 2
Total 20
BBA Second Semester
Code Subject Credit
BMS 101 Introduction to Statistics 3
BBM108 Micro Economics 3
BBF106 K Management 3
BMM101 Business Ethics 3
BBM209 Office Application Technology 3
BBF355 Nutrition and Public Health 3
Total 18
Second Year
BBA Third Semester
Code Subject Credit
BBF109 Macro Economics 3
BBF202 Financial Management 3
BBA102 Business Law 3
BTT110 Introduction to E-Commerce 3
BBM201 Human Resource Management 3
Total 15
BBA Fourth Semester
Code Subject Credit
BBM105 Basic Entrepreneurship 3
BBF204 Cost Accounting 3
BBA103 Corporate Law 3
BLE225 Report Writing 3
BBM206 Organization Behavior 3
Total 15
Third Semester
BBA Fifth Semester
Code Subject Credit
BBF210 Service Marketing 3
BBM202 Operations Management 3
BBM309 Consumer Behavior 3
BBM320 Business Plan Development 3
BTT305 MIS 3
Total 15
BBA Sixth Semester
Code Subject Credit
BBM303 Strategic Management 3
BBE306 International Business 3
BBA205 Management Accounting 3
BLC221 Professional Communication 3
Elective I 3
Elective II 3
Total 18
Fourth Year
BBA Seventh Semester
Code Subject Credit
BBM204 Resource Methods 3
BBE202 Managing Cultural Diversity 3
BBM207 International Marketing 3
Elective III 3
Elective IV 3
Total 15
BBA Eighth Semester
Code Subject Credit
BBM304 Industrial Training 6
BBM313 Project Paper I
BBM314  Project Paper II
Total 6

Total Credit Hour: 122

Electives Area: Any four subjects from one elective


Entrepreneurship Finance and Banking Human Resource Management International Business Management Marketing
Business Development Plan Corporate Finance Compensation and Benefits Managing Cultural Diversity Innovation Management Customer Behavior
Entrepreneurship creativity and Innovation Credit Management Human Resource Development and Training International Economics Managing Cultural Diversity E-Advertising
Marketing research for Entrepreneurs Financial Derivatives Industrial Relation International Marketing Project Management E-Customer Relationship Management
New Venture Creation Security Investment and Portfolio Management Organization Development International Finance Quality Management Integrated Marketing Communication
Seminars in Entrepreneurs International Trade Technology Management International Marketing
Internet Marketing
Service Marketing