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Message from CEO

DR Shrestha
Thank you for your interest in Himalayan college of Management.
Today’s dynamic, Vibrant and fast developing economy emphasizes the need for competent managerial and technical professional. These professional need to be well-equipped with the pre-requisites of the challenging and competitive business environment. Himalayan college of Management (HCM) has been established with the vision of developing even the most ordinary of the students into extra-ordinary management professionals, we aims at harnessing the students with professionalism and required skills broadening their career at home and beyond.
To achieve the vision we have charted out a detailed plan encompassing all the facets of a student’s personality, his/her knowledge and conceptual requirement and his/her communication and decision skills. To carryout and our vision and mission, we have always thrived to recruit best of the faculty equipped with theoretical as well as the practical industry experience. This is the reason that our people feel proud in our association with the institution. Our teacher are full of positive and creative spirits which they continuously try to inculcate into their students. While being creative, we are highly focused towards the achievement of the goals for our students. We help our students in achievement of the goals of our students. We help our students to achieve as the challenging goals for themselves.
I would also like to extend warm wishes to the existing as well as upcoming student looking for a sustainable and fruitful association of HCM.