Views on choosing HCM and MBA



Sun Dec 2022

Views on choosing HCM and MBA

Why MBA ?

MBA degree is one of the highly sellable degree and have a great charm in almost every sectors. I see many possibilities to secure a great position after getting this degree. Having high education in today’s age is a plus side, not only to get better job,but also to get a better personality and better quality of life.

Why HCM ?

MBA Degree is more costly as compared to other degrees. And after deciding to join MBA, searching for the college with quality education and affordable fees was a tough job to do. I, somehow, managed to find about Himalayan College of Management (HCM ) at that time. The friendly learning environment here with affordable fees and the availability of shifts for the students who wanted to study in different shift attracted me towards HCM.

How did you knew us ?

From visiting the different sites in google to checking numerous pages in facebook , for the college which provides MBA course, finally ,the page of HCM grabbed my attention. And after checking through that page and getting information via message, I get to know more about this college. I became even clearer after visiting HCM in person.

How is the teaching environment ?

The favorable learning environment in HCM creates thirst in the learner hence, improving the learning quality. The friendly staffs here make it easier to deal with each and every courses.

How was your expectation before joining HCM ?

Before joining HCM, I was expecting to get the friendly learning environment, proper guidance from the faculty members with an availability of required materials needed for the fulfillment of MBA course.

And within a short period of time, HCM amazed me by meeting all my expectations.

What would you like to recommend to the ones searching for MBA ?

For those who wants to get enrolled in HCM, I would like to say that HCM is a greater platform to make one’s dream come true. Here, you are encouraged not only to shape your future, but also to sparkle the light in you.

At last, What after MBA ?

After completion of MBA, I would like to pursue my dream of becoming one of the influencing personality in the field of management by giving positive vibes to the people hence, helping in the growth and sustainable development of the nation.

 Dawa Rani Tamang
MBA Section B ,batch 2019