Easy Credit Transfer Facility, So what is the hype really about?

 During junior class in school, ever transferred or seen a student transfer from one school to another in the middle of the year and successfully continued their remaining course/studies? Well, that’s a credit transfer explained in a really simple way. But the thing is the more the study level gets bigger, the more complicated the process gets.

To make things easy to understand. Here is the basic process.

 Courses are designed in such a way that each year/semester has a fixed total of credit hours. So Credit hours are equivalent to attendance taken by the student vary upon the university. Each class is worth a certain amount of credits. 1 credit hour normally equals one hour of class time per week. Most lecture-only classes are 3 credit hours meaning you meet for about an hour 3 times a week. You will meet with a college adviser who will help you choose your classes and make sure you are getting in all required classes and credits for graduation. Basically, if you attend all your classes, you will get the full credit and if you fail to do so they will give you credits according to your attendance. So if you are eligible and meet the requirement. Your application to most universities will be accepted easily.

Major Advantages of Credit Transfer Facility.

  • Unique opportunity to explore study overseas at an affordable cost
  • Academic qualification grant by overseas partner universities
  • Assisted visa application
  • Assisted by a well-experienced officer
  • Build global network
  • Cross-campus and multinational experience
  • An affordable way to gain an international degree.



HCM credit transfer facility works in two basic ways:

1. From HCM

Students transferring from HCM will have to follow the following process which is:

A.   2 + 1: 2 years at HCM and 1 year at our overseas partner universities Students will study for 2 years at HCM and can continue their final year at an international university.

B.   1 + 2: 1 year at HCM and 2 years at our overseas partner universities Students will study for 1 year at HCM and can continue the second year at an international university. HCM has made a very easy for Students to learn at International Universities. The students of the HCM will be welcome all over the world.

2. To HCM

HCM accepts students from all around Nepal as well as other international Countries too.   For the successful credit transfer to HCM students must bring the entire document along with the passed certificates of the previous college. Students can transfer to HCM by following ways i.e. Yearly & Semester wise.