College life

Himalayan College of Management has always aimed in mediating students with their personal life and college life. It has been both challenging and rewarding to all our students, faculty members, and every individual working for the college.  With students from diverse backgrounds and relevant interests, the Himalayan College of Management has always been able to provide a space to think and rethink through guidance, support, and a good environment. Changing from rigorous curriculum to exciting pursuits for excellence, students are sure to find their niche and thrive in their college years.

The program facilitated by the Himalayan College of Management is well-recognized and industry relevant. All our professors are experts in their respective fields and passionate about their subjects and teaching. Professors are always keen to go above and beyond while they guide all our students. With small class sizes and plenty of opportunities for one-on-one interaction, students receive individualized attention and support throughout their college life.

Beyond the classroom, there is a profusion of extracurricular and co-curriculum activities available to students. From clubs and organizations to sports and events, there is always some event occurring on campus. Events and activities ranging from volunteering, and taking a part in sports, to being a part of small businesses run by our students can be an option for you to engage in a college. There is something for everyone.

As we conclude the college life of Himalayan College of Management in a few words, we would want to highlight intellectual learning along with extra curriculum activities, co-curriculum activities, areas of volunteering, and many more where students can strive to learn, grow, and prove themselves.

Lastly, we assure you that the Himalayan College of Management would not be a choice of regret in your entire college life.