1. Clean and peaceful environment: Himalayan College of Management has been providing a very tidy and peaceful environment for students and teachers. There's no such disturbance on and around the college premises. We regard it to be one of the plus points of any educational institution. 
  2. Classrooms: Himalayan College of Management has been providing and will provide valued students with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms in further upcoming sessions. 
  3. Library: A treasure trove of knowledge and sanctuary for the mind, our library serves students with advanced and updated books written by both national and international writers. We would determine our library not just to be a repository of books but shelves lined with the work of great thinkers, poets, writers, IT professionals, economists, and so on... which would be great study material for our students. 
  4. Computer lab: Himalayan College of Management has been providing a well-equipped computer lab so that our students would have access to hands-on experience and be able to resolve real-world problems. Himalayan College of Management has also given access to high-speed internet so that no research work or coursework would stuck due to the lack of internet. 
  5. Cafeteria: A very simple premise of a cafeteria in our college has been offering healthy and affordable snacks and lunch to students.