About HCM

Himalayan College of Management (HCM) with two decades of its operation has been able to stand out as one of the renowned and reputed colleges which are located on the main street of Kamalpokhari. Himalayan College of Management is known for providing master's degrees and bachelor's degrees in the market along with international certification.  HCM has been providing a range of programs including MBA, MIT, BBA, and BCS.IT. Today, we can proudly announce that the Himalayan College of Management has a maximum number of students enrolled in the MBA program.

We have always aimed to provide quality education to our students without compromising on educational material and professors.  Additionally, we are here to facilitate students with study material, experts, necessary guidance, and an absolutely good environment for students to flourish, learn, and initiate things.

 We encourage and emphasize all our students to be ready to face problems tactfully in business and industry as they are our future managers and professionals. Not only theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge by first-hand experience; is important today.

Himalayan College of Management has given access to a well-arranged library, computer lab, appropriate classroom, and so on... to students so that they would not have to compromise on their studies. Besides the academic curriculum, HCM has also given areas where students can enjoy and utilize in their free time which could be extra curriculum activities, co-curriculum activities, artistic things, business ideas, and initiation where they can participate along with classmates.

Overall, the Himalayan College of Management is a vibrant and zestful institution that is dedicated to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. Whether you are about to start your college journey or looking to continue further, the Himalayan College of Management can be an excellent choice for you.