Master of Information Technology

 MIT( Masters of Information Technology)

MIT has aimed to develop the capability of students in the IT field. As it incorporates topics such as software engineering, database design, computer architecture, and system analysis. Students can also learn about the latest trends and development in IT, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

MIT in HCM is the blended form of IT management, networking, and software engineering.  After an individual masters in IT, he/she can have a deeper understanding of software development, database management, network administration, cyber security, and project management. Overall, MIT can provide students with expertise in the field of IT and can stand out among the mass.

Eligibility For Enrollment

Students, who have completed or expect to complete successfully, a minimum three years bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline, with a 40 % or 2.00 CGPA are eligible to apply. Work experience of 4 to 5 is needed if you do not comply with the required percentage.  

Minimum Requirement

Students, who have completed Bachelor's Degree in any discipline.

Note: Students expecting a final result of a Bachelor’s Degree are also eligible to apply for provisional admission.