Alumni Engagement



Sat May 2023

Alumni Engagement

Alumni engagement and concern: Unleash the Power of Alumni Networks!

Himalayan College of Management is successfully operating and leading towards the path of completing its silver jubilee. After two decades of its operation, we have won and earned our students, instructor, and 5000+ alumni. We are glad to know that all our alumni have secured their places at respectable positions in the market.

We have always given priority to alumni engagement so that we both can thrive in the upcoming years.

Alumni engagement in the form of attending events, volunteering, mentoring, and serving as a board member is what the Himalayan College of Management emphasizes you. Maintaining affinity with alumni is important for both the college and students. We’ll get to exchange a lot of ideas and importantly we would be able to think from the student’s perspective and bring changes and upgrade accordingly.

We are highly encouraged towards building and maintaining a high degree of student spirit with both the current and passed-out students. It would provide us with valuable networking opportunities and connections. Skill dissemination is also carried out through the team of alumni. Alumni can also work as the brand ambassador of the college representing different platforms.

With this, student numbers can be increased as the alumni figure is also one of the important elements newcomers will consider. This will concurrently attract a new number of students and maintain the reputation of the college. So, we highly encourage our students to engage as our alumni even after passing out.